About Energy Vanguard

Energy Vanguard is an accredited HERS rater training provider.Energy Vanguard's mission is to turn houses into high performance homes. We do this by:

Our clients are homeowners, home builders, trade contractors, Home Energy Raters, BPI (Building Performance Institute) Building Analysts, manufacturers, and governmental bodies. We focus on training, consulting, and design and are a RESNET accredited home energy rating (HERS) and training provider.

In addition, we have a broad network of certified professionals who can help builders get their homes certified in programs like ENERGY STAR. If you're a homeowner looking to find and fix the problems in your home, our network can help you, too.

We also write the Energy Vanguard blog, which has garnered praise from around the industry as one of the best blogs covering building science, heating & air conditioning, energy efficiency, and home energy audits.

Energy Vanguard began in 2008 and is actively involved in the building science community. For a more personal view of the company and what led to its creation, read The Story of Energy Vanguard, by founder and president Allison A. Bailes III, PhD.