The Energy Vanguard Blog Is Off the Chain!

The Energy Vanguard Blog is off the chain!
"Your blog is off the chain!  Your writing is technical yet easily readable, such a rare combination."
~ Chris Senior, Certified Passive House Consultant and home builder in Chapel Hill, NC

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"It’s a fabulous blog written by a guy with a girl’s name. His name also has a number after it. What is that about?"
~ Joe Lstiburek, principal at Building Science Corporation, referring to the Energy Vanguard Blog and its author, Allison A. Bailes III, PhD

Yes, even Joe Lstiburek, the man whose name comes to mind first when people think of building science, reads the Energy Vanguard Blog. Shouldn't you keep up with it, too?

"I have to say EV is one of my favorite places to read energy tips written in a way that makes learning building science understandable and fun."
~ Tom White, publisher of Home Energy Magazine

Home energy pros love the Energy Vanguard Blog! So do homeowners, home builders, HVAC contractors, people who like funny stuff, and people who just want the straight dope.

"Your topics are terrific and I thoroughly enjoy your style; just the right touch of colloquial jargon to keep it spicy.  Yours is the only blog I read consistently and from beginning to end lest I miss the little gems you sprinkle throughout."
~ Mac Sheldon, Director of Training at Demilec

Still not convinced? Here are a few more unsolicited comments we've received since starting this blog in March 2010.

"I am a big fan! I'm not sure how to say this without sounding out of place, but I admire the way you comport yourself and the way you live your life."
~ John Mesenbrink, Contractor Magazine
"You are too damn funny. You should also be writing for the Onion. I love it. Keep up the good work!"
~ Elizabeth DiSalvo
"I have been reading through just about every single one of your blog posts and gaining such a wealth of information that I can find nowhere else on the web in such a comprehensive and easy-to-understand format."
~ Dana Patterson
"I look forward to reading your blog and never miss a post, this is by far the best."
~ Robert C. O'Brien, referring to the article, Love Is More Important Than Building Science
"Always grateful for your posts, they make me a better builder."
~ John Zito
"You are the Yoda of blogging."
~ Carl D. Clark
"Hands down, best post to date!! Sheer genius!!!"
~ Amy Patze, referring to the article, The Haunted House-as-a-System Down the Street
"This is by far the best and most informative blog for anyone interested in residential energy. Keep it up!"
~ Chris in Chicago
"You are doing great things with your blog and educating tons of people while being funny and informative. And who knew that a physicist could write so well! I get what seems like thousands of various blogs, newsletters, etc. but the only two that I always read are your blogs and Lstiburek’s articles."
~ Cass Arble

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