Reason #77 for Being in the Home Performance Business — Costumes

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home performance halloween party costume sml

Halloween can be a lot of fun. Well, let me soften that a bit - Halloween can be fun if you don't stuck doing an energy audit of a haunted house, as I did one year. If you're in the home performance business, you'll never lack for materials to make a costume. This year, my friend Doug invited me and my wife to his annual Halloween party, and the theme was the Milky Way galaxy. Well, I thought, I'm sure I can throw something together that looks alien-like.

So a couple of hours before the party, I set to work. I'm not a home performance contractor anymore, but I still have plenty of tools and materials lying around from when I was. I went down to the storage room and rummaged through them. Some ideas started formulating in my head, and I went to the hardware store for just a few more things.

Here's the pile of stuff I worked with: reinforced plastic vapor barrier for crawl space encapsulation, water resistant tape, foil tape, vinyl tubing, foam insulation for water pipes, LED lights, and a reflector from a portable lamp.

home performance halloween costume materials

Once I had it all laid out, I began cutting and taping and fitting. An hour and a half later, my costume was ready for the other Milky Way guests at Doug's party. I was Yonloppo from the planet Spork.

home performance halloween party costume fun

You may notice one other thing there that's not in the typical home performance contractor's truck. I decided to throw a set of 3 juggling rings around my neck, too.

Halloween costumes — Just one more great reason to be in the home performance business!


John Poole
Nov 7 2012 - 7:03am

You've convinced me...I'm gonna become a home performance contractor! 
BTW, I bet everything you're wearing could easily fit inside that 5 gal. Homer Bucket.  
A new business opportunity might be offering a "Halloween Costume in a Bucket", or something like that! 

Rod MacKenzie
Nov 7 2012 - 8:30am

Darn, we had items on close out that you could have used. A 14" pre-mastic-ed single wall elbow would have been a nice head piece!

Dennis Burkhardt
Nov 7 2012 - 11:48am

I appreciate your sense of fun and whimsy that is so evident here and runs through your articles. 
Even when they're howlers....