Choose EVER As Your Provider

If you're looking for a rating provider that will give you exceptional support, consider Energy Vanguard Energy Ratings (EVER). EVER has the knowledge and experience to to see you through the process of certification as a home energy rater and building your business afterward.

You'll get:

  • Quick turnaround on your files
  • Phone calls and emails answered or returned quickly
  • Technical & business support to help you succeed
  • An invitation to our annual Raterpalooza!
  • A Provider who doesn't compete against you

To get a taste of the kind of support you'll get as an EVER rater, here's a sample of the monthly EVER Insight columns that all EVER raters receive.

Also, watch this video and see what our raters say:


Download the EVER application packet, which includes more testimonials from raters. It also contains the EVER rater manual, all the forms you need to get started, the fee schedule, and more.

With EVER, you won't be just another rater. As a businessperson, you know that you have to be responsive to your clients' needs. As a provider, I run EVER the same way.

-- Allison A. Bailes III, PhD

PS Here's an article about what to look for in a HERS provider that may help you as you search for the right fit.