Goals and Objectives for Class and Students

  • HERS rater class, learning to use the Blower DoorAll students complete the entire course, turn in all assignments, and participate fully in all activities.
  • Keep the stress level of the class low through activities, involvement, and a fun learning environment.
  • 80% or more of the students pass the national rater test on their first attempt. 100% pass before the training is finished.
  • Student participation generates excitement for learning, new ideas for the course, and lots of peer learning.
  • Each student will be able to produce a home energy rating for both a new home from plans and an existing home without plans, as demonstrated on the two ratings they submit for grading.
  • Each student will understand the house as a system and know how to analyze a house for problems with comfort, durability, health & safety,and energy efficiency, as demonstrated in class activities and the national rater test.
  • Each student will understand and appreciate the HERS industry, the process of certification and quality assurance, and the roles and responsibilities of home energy raters.
  • Students will leave the class knowing their classmates and having developed a network they can draw on for support after the class is overand they return home.

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