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Are you looking to get your HERS rater certification? Growing interest in green building and stricter energy codes are increasing the demand for well trained energy auditors and home energy raters. (A home energy rating is a detailed home energy audit that includes energy modeling.)HERS rater training class, learning how to use a Duct Blaster

What can you do as a home energy rater?

  • Qualify homes for ENERGY STAR.
  • Help homebuyers get Energy Efficient Mortgages.
  • Verify energy code compliance. (Automatically qualify as Georgia DET verifier.)
  • Assist in the verification of Passive House certified projects.
  • Help homeowners with high energy bills, comfort problems, and indoor air quality.

Energy Vanguard is a RESNET accredited HERS training provider and offers the HERS rater training class. Here’s why you want to sign up for an Energy Vanguard training:

  • Of all the organizations offering this kind of training, Energy Vanguard is perhaps the only that is run by someone with with a PhD and real education experience. (For confirmation that this matters, read these testimonials.)
  • The Energy Vanguard curriculum is learner-centered, which means you'll be actively involved. This is not a class where you sit and try to keep yourself awake through Powerpoint presentations all day. Read this article from the Energy Vanguard blog to find out more about our education philosophy.
  • What you learn in our class will stay with you. The research-based teaching methods include enough practice time that you'll be amazed by how much you retain.

One of the fun and unique games we invented for teaching building science is called Psychrometric Chart Simon Says. It's our way of making sure you really understand humidity, and you can see how it works in the short video below.

If you're ready for training in one of the most exciting green jobs out there, click the Register Now button above.

Enrollment is limited to 12 for maximum learning, so don't wait. Enroll today!  

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