Home Energy Rating Lingo

RESNET, HERS, home energy rater, home energy rating, HERS Index - the lingoWhen you first discover the world of home energy ratings, the lingo can be a bit confusing. Here are some of the common terms used:

  • HERS - Home Energy Rating System, often used in place of 'Home Energy,' as in HERS Rater or HERS Rating.
  • HERS Rater - a certified home energy raterHERS rater doing a Blower Door test to measure infiltration rate
  • HERS Rating - a home energy rating, which is an analysis of a home's energy performance that includes energy modeling with accredited software
  • HERS Index - the official number that comes from the rating. A home that just meets code has a HERS Index of 100. For every point above or below 100, the home is that many % less or more efficient than the same home built to code. For example, a home with a HERS Index of 70 is 30% more efficient than its code-built counterpart. In other words, lower numbers are better. A HERS Index of zero means it's a Net Zero Home (i.e., it produces as much energy as it uses each year).
  • HERS Score - often used synonymously with HERS Index but actually the name for the official number that came from a home energy rating up until 2006.
  • Home Energy Rating Field Inspector - a person certified to do all the field work for a home energy rating but not the analysis, energy modeling, or reports.
  • HERS Training - the course that raters generally go through on their path to certification. Also known as HERS rater training, HERS certification training, HERS rater course, Home Energy Rater training, Home Energy Rating training...
  • HERS Training Provider - an organization accredited by RESNET to offer the HERS rater class. (Energy Vanguard is a HERS Training Provider.)
  • HERS Rating Provider - an organization accredited to certify raters after they've completed the training requirements. Also known as HERS provider, Home Energy Rating Provider, or simply Provider. A rater's provider also performs quality assurance on raters and tracks their work. (Energy Vanguard is a HERS Rating Provider.)
  • REM/Rate - the most used accredited rating software. Licensed through Architectural Energy Corporation.
  • RESNET - the nonprofit organization that oversees the HERS industry and does quality assurance on Home Energy Rating Providers and HERS Training Providers
RESNET, the Residential Energy Services Network, oversees the HERS industry.