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Energy Vanguard Offers Free "HERS Thing" Webinar

What's this HERS rating thing I keep hearing about?

"HERS ratings? HERS Index? What's this HERS thing I keep hearing about?"


Energy Vanguard Schedules HERS Rater Training for June

Energy Vanguard's home energy rater training has a high success rate

In 2014, Energy Vanguard made the jump to a hybrid training format for its home energy rater classes. Since moving to the new format, we've reduced the length of the classroom and field training from eight days to five. Our success rate is still high, as about 90% of our students complete all HERS training requirements.

Energy Vanguard's President to Speak at Spray Foam Conference

Learn more about the Western States Spray Foam Conference

Allison Bailes, Energy Vanguard's president and founder, will present at the Western States Spray Foam Conference on 23 April 2015 in Portland, Oregon. Intended to help educate spray foam insulation professionals, this conference is hosted by Mac Sheldon Consulting. There is no registration fee to attend, but anyone interested in participating must register.

Mastering Building Science Course Begins Second Run

Mastering Building Science, an online course taught by Dr. Allison Bailes

Mastering Building Science, an online course taught by Energy Vanguard's Allison Bailes and offered through Heatspring, begins its second run this week. The course is self-paced and covers a wide range of topics over seven weeks. The topics, by week, are:

Energy Vanguard Offers Last-Minute CAZ Training & Proctoring

combustion safety caz training

All HERS raters have to meet RESNET's new combustion safety training before the end of 2014 or face suspension of their rater certification. Energy Vanguard has three options to help raters still looking for training or who need last-minute CAZ (which stands for combustion appliance zone) exam proctoring.

Energy Vanguard Offers Special CAZ Class for Procrastinators

me a procrastinator

Certified home energy raters are going through the process of meeting RESNET's new combustion safety requirements this year, but word on the street is that many raters are procrastinating. "Only 45% of our raters have completed the requirements so far," said Energy Vanguard's lead trainer, Dr. Allison Bailes. "Another 13% have signed up for classes, but that still leaves 42% of our raters uncommitted. And that's despite my weekly haranguing!"

The Best Way to Practice with RESCAZ - A New Energy Vanguard Video


Energy Vanguard has put together an online CAZ training course to supplement the RESCAZ simulation and our in-person classes. For HERS raters who are also certified as BPI Building Analysts, the online course will satisfy RESNET's requirements. The video below is one part of our online CAZ training and tells HERS raters how to make the most of their practice time with RESCAZ, the online combustion safety simulation.

Dr. Bailes to Teach HVAC Workshop at Virginia Conference

Mid Atlantic Sustainability Conference logo 2014

Energy Vanguard's president, Dr. Allison Bailes, will teach a three-hour workshop called What You Need to Know About HVAC to Work with HVAC Pros at the Mid-Atlantic Sustainability Conference in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Aimed at architects, engineers, builders, raters, and students, the session will cover:

Energy Vanguard Offers RESNET Combustion Safety Class in June

RESNET combustion safety & workscope development training for HERS raters

RESNET will require all HERS raters to be certified in combustion safety and work scope development. All new raters trained in 2014 will need to demonstrate those skills before they can be certified. Raters who were already certified prior to this year, as well as rater candidates coming into 2014, will need to add this to their certification before 2015. HERS raters who are also BPI-certified aren't completely exempt from the requirements but do get a special pass.

What's This HERS Thing All About? - A Free Webinar

What's this HERS rating thing I keep hearing about?

"HERS ratings? HERS Index? What's this HERS thing I keep hearing about?"

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