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Sold-Out Webinar on Mini-Split Heat Pumps Leads to Sequel

Posted by Allison Bailes on Thu, Oct 11, 2012

Sign up for Energy Vanguard's next webinar on mini-split heat pumps.In August, Energy Vanguard held a webinar on the basics of mini-split heat pumps, and it sold out. Many of those in attendance had more questions and requested a followup webinar to go into more depth on some of the issues. The sequel to our first webinar on mini-splits is now scheduled and will be held on 23 October at 2 pm EDT.

In this next webinar, the focus will be on the equipment itself:

  • Sizing guidelines
  • Using mini-splits for heating
  • Indoor unit types and details
  • Inverter technology and controls

These heating and cooling devices are becoming more and more popular and are becoming the HVAC system of choice in the Passive House program, and Habitat for Humanity is looking closely at switching over as well. 

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Tags: HVAC, heating & cooling distribution