The James Brown Blower Door Video

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Did you know that James Brown, the "Godfather of Soul," made a video about doing blower door testing to weatherize homes? Neither did most people, but he certainly did make one. Here it is.

I'd love to know the story behind it, so please comment below (or send me a message) if you've got the scoop, or even just a part of it.


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Jamie Kaye

My guess is it had to do something with his community service work that he was "made" to do many times! I got to go to a concert in 1996 for the same reason on New Years in Greenwood! 
I love his "gualking" and ALL of his comments! He was amazing!! Take it from James....everyone's house should "FEEL GOOD"!!! RIP Godfather of Soul!

Allison Bailes

Jamie K.: I've heard about the community service reason, too, but it's still in the realm of hearsay. 
John P.: Ah, but I think you're confusing the Godfather of Soul with Little Richard. Brown is from Barnwell, SC. I guess the overcoat guy didn't have to do community service along with him. 

John Poole

Yes, you're right, Allison. It was Little Richard who hailed from Macon. My confusion. Thanks for setting me right! :-)

Darrel Tenter

The video's first credits list Ken McClendon. The second credits show Aiken/Barnwell Wx Crew. A quick Google found a Ken McClendon at the GLEAMNS Human Resources Commission. A Wx agency in Abbeville SC. 
Maybe you can give him a call and get the back story on the video.

Bill Smith

I'm going to start doing blower door testing in that suit. I'll feel good, although no one else will. 
Amazingly this video isn't listed in his IMDb, go figure. What would be really great would be James Brown running the blower door and air sealing. The hardest working man in weatherization. Please, please, please...

Dennis Brachfeld

Whatever suits you, but stop leaking your money on wasted energy and extra pollution, find the solution!


Dear James; 
Keep your day job.

Richard Beyer

I think Allison Bailes dressed up Dr. Joe for this episode of James Brown and voiced over the comments with Ian Walker's broken PC fan!