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Posted by Allison Bailes on April 13, 2020
Have you ever lived in a home where you just couldn’t feel warm even though you had the heat cranked way up?  How about one where you have to turn up the volume on the TV when the air conditioner or heater comes on?  Or a home with a musty smelling basement?The myths we live byThese and more are...
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Posted by Allison Bailes on April 1, 2020
Yes, it's April Fools' Day again.  With all that's happening in the world because of the coronavirus, it may have slipped your mind.  It didn't slip mine, but I'm not putting out a new April Fools' Day article this year.  The COVID-19 situation we find ourselves in this year is grim.  I won't go...
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The Sorcerer Possum hangs above the fire at the 2019 Possum Drop party
Posted by Allison Bailes on December 31, 2019
It's been another good year in the Energy Vanguard.  I've published 28 articles here in the blog this year (counting this one), which brings me to 902 since I began this little project back in 2010.  Hard to believe it's been almost ten years now, but I'll wait and do a retrospective in March when...
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Posted by Allison Bailes on June 29, 2015
Yesterday I had lunch with Robert Bean and Eric Griffin at the ASHRAE conference here in Atlanta. As we talked about how we got into the field of building science, I began thinking of the reasons I love doing what I do. My background is physics, and I really enjoyed teaching it when I was in...
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Encapsulated crawl space in South Carolina
Posted by Allison Bailes on January 2, 2014
We're a few days into 2014 now. A lot of homes got built last year, and a lot got renovated, too. Quite a few homes got home energy ratings, and even more had blower door tests. Spray foam attics and encapsulated crawl spaces also grew in popularity. Since the economy is heating up a bit, the...
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Possum Drop 2012 6 eyes afire
Posted by Allison Bailes on December 31, 2013
2013 is almost history. Just a few short hours left before the giant possum drops into the bonfire to ring in 2014. (That's the New Year's party I go to each year, and it's always a lot of fun.) So let's take a quick look back at the year that we're finishing up, as witnessed through this blog.
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Love is more important that building science.
Posted by Allison Bailes on August 17, 2013
My Building Science Summer Camp photo highlights was article number 500 published in the Energy Vanguard Blog! I starting writing this blog on 7 March 2010 and have poured innumerable hours into it since. The actual number is higher than I'm willing to admit but probably not as high as my wife...
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snail slow business advice tips home energy pro
Posted by Allison Bailes on March 24, 2013
Every business has slow periods. New businesses often have plenty of non-billable time, when the owner(s) and employees can work on things that help ensure success but that are often difficult to find time for once the jobs start rolling in. How you use those slow periods can make the difference...
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magician blogging social media business
Posted by Allison Bailes on January 21, 2013
A magician doesn't reveal his secrets, right? So why do those of us who blog and tweet successfully keep telling everyone else not only that they need to jump on the bandwagon but also how to do it. I've written a few articles here about blogging and social media and shown graphs of our tremendous...
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Ringing in the post-Mayan non-apocalypse at the Apossumocalypse Party.
Posted by Allison Bailes on January 4, 2013
2013! Can you believe it? We survived the end of the Mayan calendar and are now living in what I like to call the post-non-apocalyptic world. I think that may well be the next hot genre for literature and film. To celebrate our non-demise, I did my usual thing and went to what one attendee...
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