EV President Allison Bailes to Give EEM Presentation at 2010 RESNET Conference

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Energy Vanguard received word yesterday that its presentation was selected for the 2010 RESNET Conference to be held in Raleigh, North Carolina this coming February. The title of the talk will be "EEMs & EIMs: The Next Generation."

Co-presenters for this talk will be Geoff Ferland of EcoLend in Asheville, NC, and Charlie Brister of Frontier Energy Services in Colorado/Mississippi. Mr. Ferland is a lender who has more experience than most with Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEMs). Mr. Brister is a directional driller for the oil & gas industry as well as a home energy rater who's been involved in the HERS industry since its inception in the '90s.

(An Energy Improvement Mortgage, or EIM, is a special kind of EEM used for existing homes. At purchase or refinance, the buyer is allowed to roll costs for cost-effective home energy efficiency improvements into the mortgage. Find out more about the EEM and the EIM.)

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