Energy Vanguard Hosts First Annual Raterpalooza!

home energy raters gathered for 2009 Raterpalooza

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On Saturday, 7 November 2009, thirteen home energy raters who use Energy Vanguard Energy Ratings as their HERS provider came to Atlanta for the first EVER Raterpalooza! Energy Vanguard's president presided over the day of learning, networking, and fun.

Attendees of the 2009 Raterpalooza in Atlanta, Georgia

Among the activities of Raterpalooza were:

  • Discussion of technical topics for raters, such as REM/Rate, the ENERGY STAR thermal bypass checklist, and pressure testing tips and techniques
  • Business advice for raters on insurance, pricing, and marketing
  • Special guest speaker Geoff Ferland of EcoLend in Asheville, NC discussed Energy Efficient Mortgages

In addition, several raters received awards:

To top it all off, the raters also got a juggling lesson from Allison Bailes, and several who had never juggled before learned to juggle in a short time!

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