Energy Vanguard Schedules Full Slate of 2011 Classes for HERS Raters

Energy Vanguard offers a full slate of training opportunities for HERS raters in 2011.

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After receiving accreditation from RESNET as a HERS Rater Training Provider, Energy Vanguard has moved quickly to establish itself as one of the leaders in the field. One resource we provide that is unparalleled among HERS trainers is our blog, written mainly by president Allison Bailes but with some excellent articles on energy efficient design by Chris Laumer-Giddens. Here's what others have said about it:

"GBA highly recommends Bailes’ blog."

~ Martin Holladay, Green Building Advisor

"In addition to providing HERS training, he publishes a steady stream of high-level, insightful blog posts on everything from the technical (HVAC filter horror stories) to the philosophical (Is the HERS rater test too difficult?)."

~ Peter Troast, Energy Circle

We taught our first two HERS rater classes last year, with great success -- all but 1 of our students have passed the HERS rater test. We have released our schedule of classes for 2011 and expect even greater success, which we measure not just by our pass rate on the HERS rater test but by how well our students do once they leave the class.

In addition to four of our 8-day HERS rater training classes, we're also offering several other classes for raters who have already been through the initial training and are looking to enhance their credentials and broaden their knowledge. Here's what we've got scheduled, with links to the class pages:

  • HERS Rater Training: 8-day class taught in February, May, August, and November, in Atlanta, GA.
  • ENERGY STAR Version 3 for Raters: 2-day class required for all ENERGY STAR Rater Partners. 3 scheduled for Atlanta, 4 more in other cities (Orlando, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Toronto).
  • HVAC for Raters: 1-day class offered right after each of our three Atlanta ENERGY STAR V3 classes.
  • Energy Efficient Mortgages for Raters: 2-day class that we've partnered with EEM training on. It also will be offered in the same week as the three Atlanta ENERGY STAR V3 classes.

I'm a HERS Rater! Now What?

In addition, we've packaged those last three classes into a combo that we refer to as our, "I'm a HERS rater! Now what?" class. Any rater who takes all five days of training together will be one of the best prepared HERS raters in the field and save a little bit on the registration fee. Read more about it here:

EEM, ENERGY STAR Version 3, & HVAC Combo Class for HERS Raters

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