Energy Vanguard President Appointed to RESNET Quality Assurance Committee

Allison A. Bailes III, PhD, Energy Vanguard president, RESNET QA Committee

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Allison Bailes, founder and president of Energy Vanguard, received notice this past week that he has been appointed to RESNET's Quality Assurance Committee. RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network) is the non-profit organization that oversees the Home Energy Rating System (HERS), accrediting training and rating providers as well as developing and maintaining the standards for the industry. The QA committee is responsible for maintaining quality throughout the HERS rating process, from certifying raters to completing ratings.

As the HERS industry continues to grow and develop, more quality assurance issues crop up and need to be refined, so this committee's work is critical. Raters and their HERS rating providers bear important responsibilities, such as:

  • Qualifying homes for the ENERGY STAR new homes label
  • Helping builders to qualify for the $2000 tax credit for new homes
  • Third party verification for showing compliance with energy codes

RESNET logo home energy rating system HERS

The committee does much of its work through teleconferences and email but also meets annually at the RESNET Building Performance Conference, which will be in Austin, Texas in 2012.


Well let me be the first to offer my congrats. I think they made a great choice

Congradulations Allison. As Sean said "a great choice."


Congrats! I believe you'll do a great job.

As a former QC engineer and QA manager I would highly recommend that a metric (btu/d/hr)or kWh/K/hr(that's Kelvin) be established so that the rater, home owner, or utilities can have some unit of measure that is quantitative and can be routinely reported or measured with a data logger. As opposed to a number that is an index of prescribed assets. 
And while your at it, get the energy providers to reflect inefficiencies back to the source. There has never been a resistance electric water heater with a .90EF that works off the grid. 

Congratulations Allison!!

Congratulations Allison! 
You've been sharing your vast knowledge of building science with us for years and the building performance industry and it's members are the better for it. 

Congrats Allison. They have made a great choice!

many congrats, Allison!

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