The SIPA Conference Invites Dr. Bailes to Speak

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The Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA) is holding its annual conference in Tucson, Arizona during the first week of April. Energy Vanguard's president, Allison Bailes, has been invited to speak at the event and will be giving four talks, all on Wednesday, 3 April.

The SIPA conference is a natural fit for Dr. Bailes, since he built a house out of structural insulated panels in 2001. From a building science perspective, one of the great benefits of building with SIPs is airtightness. The house that Dr. Bailes built tested out at 1.7 Air Changes per Hour at 50 Pascals (ACH50), which is less than 25% of the threshold set in the Georgia state energy code.

Two of his talks at the conference will focus on SIPs. The other two are marketing talks that cover blogging and social media. The titles of the four talks are:

  • How to Become a Building Enclosure Control Freak
  • HERS Ratings and SIPs — A Great Combo
  • Blogging to Build Your Customer Base
  • What Do You Mean Your Company Doesn't Have a Facebook Page?!

To find out more about the conference, including how to register for it, see the conference page on the SIPA website. You can also find the full schedule of talks there, including the times for Dr. Bailes's presentations.


Dr. Bailes is being hired as a speaker and trainer all over North America because of his ability to make technical topics easily understandable. He is also funny and entertaining and may even throw some juggling into his talks. Click the button below to learn more about booking Dr. Bailes for your event.

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great, can't wait to hear your take on the conference. SIPS is my favorite building system. If I ever will be SIPS.

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