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The 2014 RESNET conference will be in Atlanta, where Energy Vanguard is based. Each year, RESNET asks for session proposals from those interested in attending the conference and then allows anyone to vote for the proposals they'd like to see at the conference. Jeffrey Sauls and Allison Bailes are listed on the seven proposals below and would like to ask for your votes for any or all of them.

You're allowed to vote for as many sessions in each category as you'd like, so please consider adding the proposals below to your list. You can download the list of sessions from the RESNET website: Core Conference Nominations (pdf) and Pre-Conference Nominations (pdf).


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EV's Regular Conference Session Proposals

(BS-43) The Building Science Fight Club Roars – ASHRAE 62.2 vs. Building Science Corporation’s New Ventilation Standard

The only game in town since 1989 for a residential ventilation standard has been ASHRAE 62. In 2003, it became ASHRAE 62.2 and has been the subject of much discussion, debate, grumbling, and outright animosity. In 2013, Joseph Lstiburek and Building Science Corporation introduced their own ventilation standard, BSC-01, to compete against ASHRAE 62.2. In this session, we’ll take an objective look at the research, the debate, and the two standards. We’ll also look at how the new standard is faring since its introduction in August 2013.

Suggested Presenter(s) - Allison A Bailes III, PhD, Energy Vanguard & Kristof Irwin, Positive Energy

(BDM-12) Internet Marketing 101 - Blogging, Social Media, Google, and More

Learn the lay of the land in the world of social media, and get a good feel for where to focus your efforts. Find out why the effort you put forth here is worth it. We’ll cover the major social media players - Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn - as well as blogging and the connection between them. We'll then spend time going into the basics of starting up with blogging, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn - how to do it, where to find connections, and how to build an online presence. You’ll get plenty of tips and tricks and learn about the benefits, too.

Suggested Presenter(s) - Allison A Bailes III, PhD, Energy Vanguard & Peter Troast, Energy Circle

(BDM-18) RESNET After Dark: Gotham Nights – Certifications or Specifications?

Join professional trainers Dan Wildenhaus and Alex Glenn for part 2 of their thrilling Gotham Nights series! Each year, Batman faces a new foe in a presentation competition in one of the industry’s hot topics, with extra special guests certain to surprise and amaze you! This year, Batman will challenge a dastardly Evil Genius in the merits of industry certifications vs workforce guidelines and specifications. Batman has been maintaining the calm in Gotham with the standard workforce guidelines and specifications. The Evil Genius is planning his comeback to re-gain prominence in the marketplace with industry certifications (i.e. BPI, HERS, etc.). Can the Gotham industry withstand having both guidelines and certifications? Will it confuse the people of Gotham as to which side to align with? Batman and friends will propose sales and presentation strategies to calm the citizens of Gotham....but, will the Evil Genius' presentation hold sway? Will Cat-woman show up? Will Commissioner Gordon weigh-in and make a ruling? Will this change the industry reputation forever?

Join Dan, Alex, Allison and special guests "poolside" in a fun and exciting discussion about both WHAT guidelines are helpful to homeonwers and HOW we PRESENT ourselves to builders, trades, utility partners and homeowners for success.

Suggested Presenter(s) - Dan Wildenhaus, Fluid, Alex Glenn, Advanced Energy & Allison Bailes, Energy Vanguard

(HERS-26) What Your HERS Provider Wishes You Knew

Would you like your rating files to get approved quicker? Ever wonder exactly what’s required when your Provider does your RESNET-mandated 10% file QA? Have you spent hours looking up HVAC or appliance info and wished you knew of more resources or how to use the ones you have better? In this session, we’ll give you an inside look at what your provider really wishes you knew when you work on HERS ratings:

  • Quality assurance requirements
  • What’s included in the ‘rating data file’
  • Resources: Provider policies & procedures, HERS Standards, ENERGY STAR, AHRI Directory, energy codes
  • Documentation: field notes, photos, record-keeping
  • Software tips and techniques (REM/Rate)

We’ll go into the details on these issues and more as we show you the most common problems that can slow down the rating process and lead to trouble. When you leave this session, you’ll have the knowledge and tools to help you be a better rater.

Suggested Presenter(s) - Allison A Bailes III, PhD, Energy Vanguard & Jeffrey L Sauls, Energy Vanguard

(HVAC-4) Beyond Mini-Splits: An Introduction to Variable Capacity Equipment for Whole-House HVAC Designs

As building envelopes improve, dealing effectively with part load conditions for heating and cooling becomes a priority. Variable capacity heating and cooling equipment is one answer to this important performance consideration. Combining inverter technology with variable refrigerant flow (VRF) allows the equipment’s delivered capacity to adjust to meet changing building loads. Many know that mini-splits are efficient and VRF is why. What is not commonly know is that there are ducted versions of VRF air handlers that are capable of handling high (up to 0.6” w.c.) static pressures for whole-home, ducted designs with completely independent zone control. This session will present the basic principles of VRF technology and the VRF design process with real-world examples.

Suggested Presenter(s) - Kristof Irwin, Positive Energy & Allison Bailes III, Energy Vanguard

(HVAC-5) Beyond the Box – HVAC Considerations for Complete Designs: Ventilation, Make-Up Air, & Supplemental Dehumidification

High performance HVAC means getting the whole design right, not just the heating and cooling equipment. A mechanical system design is complete when all the pieces work together to deliver consistent comfort across a range of conditions – inside and out. This session focuses on the important and timely topics of residential ventilation, make-up air, and supplemental dehumidification in high performance homes. Lack of attention to these areas can undermine much of the work and expense invested in a project. In this session, each topic is explored from the perspective of basic principles, applicable (and competing) standards, and available products & technologies. Examples of actual system designs that pull these topics together will be included in the session

Suggested Presenter(s) - Kristof Irwin, Positive Energy, Allison Bailes III, Energy Vanguard & Corbett Lunsford, Green Dream Group

EV's Pre-Conference Session Proposal

(Pre-19) Sales, Marketing, Blogging, and Social Media Bootcamp

In this optional one or two day workshop, attendees will learn about cutting edge strategies and tactics for driving leads and converting sales. The sessions are specific to home performance and energy rating companies and will address the unique challenges faced when marketing your services to both professionals and homeowners. These sessions will dive into the nitty-gritty on these topics, one day covering sales and marketing and another covering blogging and social media. Attendees will come away with practical, tangible tools to take their businesses forward: a marketing plan, content strategy, specific sales tactics, blogging secrets, and social media nuts and bolts. The workshop will be led by three of the leading thinkers in the field of home performance communications and operations: Allison Bailes, Peter Troast, and Mike Rogers.

Suggested Presenter(s) - Allison Bailes, Energy Vanguard & Peter Troast, Energy Circle & Mike Rogers, Omstout Consulting


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