The Best Way to Practice with RESCAZ - A New Energy Vanguard Video

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Energy Vanguard has put together an online CAZ training course to supplement the RESCAZ simulation and our in-person classes. For HERS raters who are also certified as BPI Building Analysts, the online course will satisfy RESNET's requirements. The video below is one part of our online CAZ training and tells HERS raters how to make the most of their practice time with RESCAZ, the online combustion safety simulation.

Energy Vanguard has a slate of CAZ training classes scheduled for the fall of 2014, with live classes in Atlanta, Georgia, Austin, Texas, and Asheville, North Carolina. See our CAZ training page to get more details and to enroll.


Does your cost include access to both tests? Is there an additional fee required for RESNET? Is there a list of testing approved testing centers available?

sk: Yes, the fee includes our online training course, a one-year license to RESCAZ, one attempt at the RESNET multiple choice test, and two attempts at the RESCAZ test. There's nothing else to pay.  
If you take one of our in-person classes, we'll proctor the tests. If you're BPI certified and you do the online-only course, you can take the test at a library, college, or test center. The details are on our class pages, which you can find through our main CAZ training page.

Wanted to let you that the class was great.  
We learned the importance on determining the CAZ.  
The field training helped decipher how pressure affects  
different areas with minor adjustment such as closing or opening a door.. 
Thanks to Allison and Jeffrey for providing the time and materials. 
Sam Liberti 
Low Tide Designs

Thanks, Sam! I appreciate the feedback!

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