If you're here to learn about how to close up, seal, or encapsulate your crawl space, you're in the right place. The links below take you to our pages on the various aspects of this topic, so start clicking. But before you do, please enjoy the photo here of how nice a crawl space can look.


One of the biggest advances in building science over the past decade is the research that proves definitively that vented crawl spaces are bad. If you've ever been in one, you know it's true. They're damp. They're dark. Critters have easy access to them. The batt insulation falls down. The air smells musty & moldy. And the crawl space communicates with the house, so that bad air (and the occasional critter) gets into the living space above.
The psychrometric chart below shows what happens when warm, humid air enters a vented crawl space. For more about this, see our blog article, Vented Crawl Spaces and the Psychrometric Chart Are Not Friends.

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