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Collect and provide the following data for Energy Vanguard to perform an acurate Manual J HVAC load calculation.

New Homes

  1. Plan Set
  2. Energy Vanguard New House data collection form fillable pdf (2 pages)
    EV Manual J Data Collection Form


  1. Plan Set or floor plan
    EV Manual J Data Collection Sample FloorPlan
    (sample hand drawn floor plans)
    EV Manual J Data Collection Grid 40x60
  2. Energy Vanguard Renovation data collection form (3 pages)
    EV Manual J Data Collection Form
  3. Pictures - list of pictures to take included in the data collection form

Key Items

Every house is different, but generally speaking some items have a greater impact on the accuracy of the load calcualtion. Information you will need to collect in order of relative importance.

  1. Windows, glass doors and skylights sizes and glazing information
  2. Fixed shading for windows, glass doors and skylights
  3. Duct location
  4. Insulated ceilings
  5. Infiltration rate or estimated rate
  6. Ventilation equipment and rate
  7. Insulated floors
  8. Insulated walls
  9. Internal gains

There will be items you don't know, like wall insulation levels in a renovation or window values for a new house, in the design phase. These items can be estimated at the appropropriate levels for the year and building codes and if needed, bracketed with a better/worse scenario.

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