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A home energy rating (often called a HERS rating) is an official analysis of a home's energy performance that includes the following:

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A complete and accurate analysis of home performance should include diagnostic and performance testing. Performance testing gives you a number that you can use to see how one house compares to others or to some program criterion. For example, a performance test indicates that the duct

The green home built by Allison Bailes, 2001-03

From 2001 to 2003, I put in countless hours designing and building a green home in Carrollton, Georgia. It's a beautiful house and one of the best high performance homes in the Southeast. It's got very little infiltration (1.7 ACH50) and no duct leakage.

Coming across unfamiliar acronyms and initials in building science, green building, and home performance can make understanding difficult.

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