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air leakage


The Stack Effect in Plastic

Posted by on 2014-03-05

It was the stack effect that led me to Building Science Fight Club. I wrote about it two years ago and all hell broke loose in the comments, especially in the version I posted at Green Building Advisor. People get…

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Psychrometric Chart Humidity Temperature 600

Cold Air Is Dry Air

Posted by on 2013-12-09

Relative humidity is what everyone likes to talk about. It gets the attention, but it can be confusing, especially when the temperatures drop. The truth is that, despite a high relative humidity, cold air is dry air. For example, at…

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Net Zero Energy House Serenbe Proud Green Home Imery

A Net Zero Energy Home in a Beautiful Green Community

Posted by on 2013-11-26

I spoke at Serenbe,† a beautiful green community southwest of Atlanta, this weekend and got a chance to visit a net zero energy home while there. Built by Luis Imery, one of the home energy raters we're a HERS provider…

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Albert Einstein Knew That Planning Ahead Was The Key To Solving Problems.

Fixing an Old House? Follow Einstein’s Advice

Posted by on 2013-11-04

I get a lot of questions from people asking how they should go about fixing their homes. Sometimes it's specific (What's the best way to insulate my kneewalls?), and sometimes it's a hands up in the air, With all these…

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