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The REAL Reason We Need Building Science

Posted by Allison Bailes on Thu, Jan 31, 2013

facebook little girl dancing with art

I LOVE this photo! It has nothing to do with building science. Or does it? As we humans have progressed from living in caves to mud huts to stone buildings to the stick-built structures many of us in the US inhabit now, our lives have changed.

The way we raise children has changed even more dramatically. We allow them to be children and explore the world and express themselves in their own ways. Much of that exploration and expression happens in buildings.

Both adults and children need building science so that our buildings will allow for this growth. We need building science so our great works of art can last for centuries. We need building science so we can dance in front of that art work, comfortably and healthily.

Buildings are so much more than just a structure to protect us from the elements and store our stuff. When designed and built well, they help us to grow in all the ways we can. They help us connect with other people.

Since we spend so much of our lives in buildings, shouldn't we really try to bring building science up to the same level as architecture and design? We want buildings not only to look beautiful but to perform beautifully.

The joy that that little girl feels as she dances in front of the painting of the dancer is something we can probably all connect with. Let's make all buildings places where we can live our lives fully, the highs and the lows.


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Photo credit: I saw this on Facebook and have no idea whom to credit. If you know, please let me know.


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