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HVAC Design for Code Compliance

Energy Vanguard can create the necessary reports for your residential permit.

Manual J, S and D have been required in the model building codes for more than a decade. The results of these processes were often not collected by code officials or required to be presented at time of permit. Uneven enforcement meant that many contractors continued to rely on rule-of-thumb practices for equipment sizing, selection and duct design.

More rigorous and consistant enforcement means that even projects undertaken by homeowners and general contractors may need HVAC design reports to confirm exisiting sizing, verify an addition does (or does not) need additional equipment capacity or a new system for an addition or renovation.

We can provide REScheck and preliminary REMrate reports for showing compliance with performance path and U-A Trade-off.

Energy Vanguard can help you with a complete permit package including HVAC design. Fill in the form above right to find out more.

    Need HVAC design?

    Our team provides third-party design for clients all over North America. Fill out this form to find out about our deliverables, fees, and more.

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