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Sample HVAC Design Reports

Energy Vanguard's HVAC design sample duct plan

Reports provided for each project are unique to the needs of the project. You will get a complete package for your project that may include the following:

  1. Detailed load calculation (Manual J) & equipment selection (Manual S) reports for entire house & zones
  2. Comprehensive duct plan with Manual D & T – traditional system
  3. Comprehensive duct plan with Manual D & T – mixed ductless & ducted system
  4. Detailed installation instructions with duct fitting types for Manual D
  5. Diamond System Builder report for Mitsubishi mini-split projects
  6. Ventilation duct sizes and sizing procedure

Other helpful documents from the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)

  1. Verifying Manual J Reports – hints for checking the load calculation
  2. Reviewing HVAC Designs by Wes Davis – help with checking the equipment sizing
  3. Contractor Score Card – advice & checklist for vetting contractors

Energy Vanguard can help you with a complete HVAC design.  Fill in the form above right to find out more.

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