If you're building or remodeling a home, do you know how much thought is going into the design of your new HVAC system(s)? Do you know how much calculating is going into the HVAC design? Most homes don't get nearly enough of either.

If you want your heating, cooling, and ventilating system(s) to perform well, you need to start with good design. Here's why you want good HVAC design:

  • You'll get a new heating and cooling system that is sized properly. Most new air conditioners are oversized, which means they don't dehumidify as well and can break down sooner.
  • You'll get a distribution system that delivers the right amount of conditioned air to each room. Many contractors skimp on this part of the HVAC system. Even if they start right with Manual J they often don't use Manual D, T and S.
  • Your home will be comfortable and efficient. We perform detailed calculations to ensure it.

Why would you want to hire Energy Vanguard for your HVAC design?

  • We've got the training, experience, and know-how to do it right. Our team includes an engineer and a physicist.
  • We work with home builders, HVAC contractors, and Home Energy Raters regularly in the design of high-performance homes. We can even complete the HVAC design sections in checklists for programs like ENERGY STAR New Homes.
  • We include the V in HVAC - ventilation. If your new or remodeled home is as air-tight as energy codes now require, we'll make sure you get the proper amount and type of ventilation, according to ASHRAE Standard 62.2.
  • We follow the industry-standard protocols for HVAC design. See more about this below.

We use the protocols developed by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), in our HVAC design jobs. Here is a brief description of each one:

  • We'll figure out just how much heating & cooling your home needs using Manual J.
  • Equipment Selection - We'll choose the right equipment for your home and your budget using Manual S.
  • Distribution System Design - We'll design the distribution system for your forced-air heating & cooling system to ensure each room is comfortable using Manuals D and Manual T.

To learn more about these, see our page on the HVAC design protocols.

If you're ready to get your house built or remodeled the right way and include complete HVAC design, fill out the form at top right.

Energy Vanguard offers HVAC design services in the Greater Atlanta area serving the USA and all of North America.

HVAC design is more than ACCA Manual J. Most HVAC contractors, home energy raters, contractors and others in the residential construction field know about Manual J. Many non-builders even know about Manual D, which describes how to design the duct system.

Would you buy a pair of pants twice your size so you have that extra capacity just in case you might need it? No? Did you know that most new homes have a similarly ridiculous case of oversizing? It's true. Look no further than the HVAC system to find it. Why?

Energy Vanguard offers REScheck report services for code compliance

Energy Vanguard can create the necessary reports for your residential permit.

Energy Vanguard offers HVAC design services in the Greater Atlanta area serving the USA and all of North America.

As a homeowner you may have heard, "When replacing a system, your contractor should perform a Manual J load calculation."  This is good advice but not always necessary.

Energy Vanguard offers HVAC design services in the Greater Atlanta area serving the USA and all of North America.

Collect and provide the following data for Energy Vanguard to perform an accurate Manual J HVAC load calculation.

Sample Reports

Reports provided for each project are unique to the needs of the project. You will get a complete package for your project that may include the following:

Remodeling or rebuilding your home for higher performance?

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