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The National Home Performance Conference Is For You!


My first conference after I officially left academia and got into the world of home performance and building science was in 2004.  Since then I’ve been to a whole lot of conferences.  There are even more building science conferences I could have gone to.  But fifteen years down the road now, I have three favorites:  Building Science Summer Camp, the North American Passive House Conference, and the Home Performance Coalition’s National Home Performance Conference.

The first one up each year is the National Home Performance Conference (#HPC19).  It’s in Chicago this year and it happens at the beginning of April, the 1st through the 4th.  No fooling!  This is a group of smart, funny people trying to make the world a better place, and you ought to make plans to be there.

Here are a few reasons for you to attend;

  1. Great people!  Some of the smartest and most innovative people in the industry will be there.
  2. Great history.  My first HPC conference, which was called the Affordable Comfort conference at the time, was back in 2005 in Indianapolis.  But I was a late arrival to this scene as the conference started way back in time of Chaucer, 1385, when houses were made of stone and straw and heat was provided by cows and pigs.  Or was it 1985?  Well, it was in some previous century, I know that.
  3. Great sessions.  Those great people will sharing their knowledge with you.  Check out the full agenda here (pdf).
  4. Great trade show.  See the product you’ve read about or watched on seen on Youtube.  Find that tool you didn’t know you needed.  If you work on homes in any capacity, this is a great trade show for you.
  5. Great city.  I love Chicago and that’s where we’ll be this year.  The downtown area has beautiful architecture, a river, a Great Lake, and more.  You’ve got to give the folks at HPC credit for not taking the easy way out by heading to the suburbs.  They always put their conference downtown where the action is.

Find a way to get yourself to this conference.  You have one more week to save yourself $100 by registering early.  If you deal with making homes more comfortable, more healthful, more durable, or more efficient, the 2019 Home Performance Conference is for you!


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