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Building Science Tools We Like

Building Science Tools We LikeThis page is filled with tools, equipment, and books we like.  We’ve used most of the items listed here, but a few are here because we know others in the residential building science field who have used them.  We’ve provided affiliate links below, which means you pay the same price you would pay normally, but Energy Vanguard gets a small commission if you buy after using the link.  For some of the items, you’ll find links to related articles in the Energy Vanguard Blog.

TruTech Tools

Great company! Great people! This small business is based in Pennsylvania and focuses on the HVAC and home performance markets. Here are a few of their great products.

Low level carbon monoxide monitors at TruTech Tools

Low-level carbon monoxide monitors

Retrotec DM32 digital manometer TEC DG-1000 digital gauge Testo 510 digital manometer


Sylvane is the online source for Santa Fe and Ultra-Aire dehumidifiers from Therma-Stor. Yes, these dehumidifiers are more expensive than the standalone dehumidifiers, but they use half the energy, last longer, and can serve larger areas. Plus, they’re made in America!

Ultra-Aire dehumidifier

The Confusing World of Dehumidifier Capacity


Indoor Air Quality

Awair Element IAQ monitor


Emporia Vue smart home energy monitor

Ventilation & air flow

Panasonic FV-0511VQ1 WhisperCeiling DC Ventilation Fan


Buildings Don't Lie by Henry Gifford     Water in Buildings by Bill Rose     Healthy Buildings by Joseph Allen & John Macomber

HVAC design manuals from the Air Conditioning Contractors of America

Click to buy Manual J on Amazon          Click to buy Manual D on Amazon     Click to buy Manual T on Amazon

Other products and companies

Duct leakage testing is much easier with Vent CapsVent Caps for duct leakage testing (from Vent Cap Systems).  If you test ducts, these will pay for themselves in time and tape.

Ventilation equipment



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