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The Energy Vanguard Blog Is Off the Chain

Looking for a reason to subscribe to Energy Vanguard’s weekly newsletter, News From the Front?  Here’s what others have said over the years:

“Your blog is off the chain!  Your writing is technical yet easily readable, such a rare combination. We so appreciate it!”

~ Chris Senior, CPHC

“It’s a fabulous blog written by a guy with a girl’s name.”

~ Joseph Lstiburek, PE, PhD

“Your articles are FANTASTIC!”

~ Elizabeth DiSalvo

“I am a big fan of your blog. I am essentially self taught in the building science field and have found your blog to be the most informative, well explained resource available to me!”

~ Amy Patze

“I want to let you know how much I value your posts. They strike just the right balance of friendly tone and excellent information.”

~ Kiley Jacques, Taunton Press

“Your writing style is so simple to understand and easy to read.”

~ Danny Kelly

“I have to say EV is one of my favorite places to read energy tips written in a way that makes learning building science understandable and fun.”

~ Tom White, former publisher of Home Energy magazine

“Just wanted to say thanks for providing so much building science information on your blog. We just purchased a home this spring (1st time homeowners) and are looking to do some home improvements, including improving our insulation. I have been reading through just about every single one of your blog posts and gaining such a wealth of information that I can find nowhere else on the web in such a comprehensive and easy-to-understand format.”

~ Dana Patterson

“Greetings Allison, just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I enjoy reading your stuff. I have been in the industry all my life and my father before me. All the points you bring up are good ones so keep writing and never stop trying to change the industry for the better.

~ Dave Boyd

“Always grateful for your posts, they make me a better builder.”

~ John Zito

“You have a real knack for explaining technical information in clear terms.”

~ Clayton DeKorne, JLC  Group

“Thank you very much Allison for taking your time to educate the public regarding HVAC, home energy performance, etc. I have been a subscriber to your blog nearly since the beginning. I am especially thankful for your expertise regarding hot & humid climates.”

~ Richard Appleton

“Although my day job is in the energy efficiency field, I tend to read blogs because they are both entertaining and informative. Your’s never ceases to be one or the other, or both.”

~ Vic Hubbard

“This is by far the best and most informative blog for anyone interested in residential energy. Keep it up!”

~ Chris in Chicago

“You are the Yoda of blogging.”

~ Carl D. Clark

“This helps explain why you are one of my favorite building science guys – the love comes thru in your writing.”

~ Rhett Major, referring to Love Is More Important Than Building Science — A Thanksgiving Story

“You are a flashlight of hope in the dark, damp crawlspace that is the HVAC industry. Thanks for doing what you do.”

~ Jesse Matthews

“Might I also suggest that you read everything Allison Bailes of Energy Vanguard writes? There is a lot of HVAC knowledge that you can gain from him. Any time I get to thinking I know a lot, I read some of his stuff and learn. “

~ Dick Peters

“As someone who’s interested in energy efficiency and renewable energy, I’m very grateful for all you do to educate people like me who are interested in building systems and just living more responsibly on the planet. I always look forward to seeing your articles in my inbox and have used your advice many times. “

~ Tim Blackwell

“You are a superb educator & really, a hero, for your dedication to sharing your expertise.”

~ Terry Sopher Sr.


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