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Henry Gifford Wearing A Psychrometric Chart T-shirt

Don’t Do HVAC to Me

Posted by on 2012-08-02

One talk at the 2012 Building Science Summer Camp stood out above all the others. The last speaker on Tuesday was Henry Gifford. (Yes, that Henry Gifford!) When he was done, the majority of the audience stood and applauded. The…

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Keeping Cool At A Waterfall In A Hot Summer

9 Uncommon Tips for Keeping Cool with a Struggling Air Conditioner

Posted by on 2012-07-23

We went through a record-setting heat wave recently in the US. Here in Atlanta, we set an all-time record of 106° F. Homes with properly-sized air conditioners—yeah, yeah, I know they're few and far between—are sized for our design temperature…

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