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BPI Building Analyst & Envelope Professional Training

If you’re looking to get your group trained to become certified BPI professionals, we can help. We contract with organizations to offer training and exams for the Building Analyst and Envelope Professional certifications.

Here’s what sets Energy Vanguard apart:

  • Top notch trainers: Allison Bailes and Jeffrey Sauls
  • Learner-centered approach
  • Combination of online and in-class learning activities

We work with utility companies, non-profit organizations, private companies, and more and are happy to come to your location. We’re well respected in the fields of home performance, building science, and green building. You’ll get the training your group needs as we work with you to create a customized training event.

In addition, the Energy Vanguard Blog has been called the best blog in the industry and has garnered praise from leaders such as Joseph Lstiburek, PhD, PE. There’s a good reason that home builder Chris Senior said, “Your blog is off the chain! Your writing is technical yet easily readable, such a rare combination.” Our blog is a great way for your students to prep for the class and to continue learning afterward.

Ready to get started?

Fill in the form at right, and we’ll get in touch with you right away to create a customized training that will get your people ready for the world of energy audits through BPI certification.

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