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A Home Performance Trailer as Good as Pap-Paw’s Truck

Bailes Electric Truck Leesville Louisiana

The truck below is the one I spent my teenage summers in and around when I worked for my grandfather, the most senior of the Allison Arthur Baileses. It was a great truck and had almost everything on it that we’d need for a day doing electrical, plumbing, or air conditioning work in Leesville, Louisiana. Pap-paw knew how to outfit a truck to make Bailes Electric as efficient as possible. Recently, I saw something that reminded me of that old truck.

When I was out in California recently for the Forum on Dry Climate Home Performance, I got to spend a day visiting with Dan Perunko and Gavin Healy of Balance Point Home Performance. I’m going to tell you more about the work they do in a future article, but right now let me show you their workspace.

balance point home performance contractor trailer tools materials 1

They actually turned a food trailer (a traveling taco trailer?) into their company’s storage unit, workspace, and shade tree. Notice the nice workbench area above, which they can use while staying out of the rain. Oh, wait…they’re in a dry climate and don’t have to worry much about that.

balance point home performance contractor trailer tools materials 2

On the other side of the trailer is a set of drawers for smaller parts, all labeled, of course.

balance point home performance contractor trailer tools materials 3

Near those drawers you can see a few other tools and some cans of spray paint. I didn’t get photos of the front or back, but if I had, you’d see where they keep the long stuff – ladders and pipes on the top and other things like foamboard in a slot through the middle.

Those guys really know what they’re doing. John Tooley is a big proponent of contractors keeping their stuff organized – a place for everything and everything in its place. I think he’d be impressed with the Balance Point trailer.

balance point home performance gavin healy dan perunko

That’s Gavin Healy on the left and Dan Perunko on the right, the masters at ease on Gavin’s porch.


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  1. I love a nice work vehicle.
    I love a nice work vehicle. Although I don’t need one anymore I’m always looking at different setups and thinking about how to improve them.  
    When I ran 2 -3 crews on a regular basis my favorite trick for picking up production speed was to stop production. My guys thought I was crazy. Stop working on the job for an hour or two and clean and organize? Total waste of time. But, production always seemed to pick up dramatically. Even better there were fewer mistakes and I think the overall work quality improved. Neat surrounding = neater work. 
    Job site and work vehicle neatness are still part of how I evaluate contractors.

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