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The 2 Best Learning Opportunities for Home Energy Auditors

RESNET ACI Conference Networking HERS BPI

RESNET ACI conference networking HERS BPIWhether you’re brand new in the community of home energy auditors, home energy raters, and home performance pros or have been in it for years, these two events are at the top of the heap for learning and networking.

Whether you’re brand new in the community of home energy auditors, home energy raters, and home performance pros or have been in it for years, these two events are at the top of the heap for learning and networking.

I’ve written here before that there are really only two certifications that matter for home energy auditors/raters (HERS & BPI), and the two events I’m referring to here are the national conferences most associated with each of those certifications: the RESNET Building Performance Conference and the ACI National Home Performance Conference. (I still like to call the latter by its old name – Affordable Comfort – but they now use ACI.)

The RESNET conference has grown from maybe 350 the first time I went to it in 2004 to about a thousand people last year in Raleigh, NC. I haven’t been to ACI since ’05, but it’s shown the same kind of growth over the past two or three years. This industry is really taking off now, with weatherization and green building programs showing so much growth. There may be a downturn in the economy, but ENERGY STAR and green building certifications aren’t shrinking.

One of my personal goals is to see Energy Efficient Mortgages take off the way these other programs have. In fact, I’ll be speaking at the RESNET conference on that very topic with EVER Rater Jason Payne, head of Structured Energies (his rating company) and EEM Training (his EEM company). RESNET ACI conference trade show BPI HERSIf you haven’t seen it yet, check out the EEM webinar we did recently for Daily 5 Remodel.

One of my favorite parts of these conferences is the trade show. Not only do I get to enhance my collection of bags to take to the grocery store, but I always find out about some cool new products or services. Of course, there’re usually some booths that get my blood pressure up, too, but overall, I love the trade show. And hey, this year, Energy Vanguard will have a booth at these two conferences! Come see us.

If you want to register for either of these two conferences, you should do so soon. The Early Bird registration has ended for the RESNET conference, but it’s still cheaper than waiting to register at the door. In fact, with the growth this conference has seen, you may not be able to get in if you wait that long. The ACI conference is at the end of March, and the Early Bird registration closes on Monday, 14 February, so you still two days to get the reduced rate. Do it now!

Hope to see you there!


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  1. I wish I could go to the
    I wish I could go to the conferences, but time is not on my side.  
    The one thing I would like to say is that I have had the fortunate luck to take Jason’s EEM training class already. What he has been able to do is enabled me to speak so easily to bankers, lenders, appraisers, realtors and homeowners about this product in a way that I could have never done without this training. I worked in the mortgage business for ~3 years before getting into the construction business, and it was still not easy for me to understand.  
    I recommend anyone that wants to have an edge and really do some good for the properties that are out there and the owners that have them or want to buy, the EEM class should be your first step before anything else out there!!  
    Thanks Allison and Jason!

  2. Thanks for the kind words
    Thanks for the kind words Jamie. Bright guys like you make it easy to communicate information. With the help of 2 pots of coffee, you were able to handle all 10+ hours of me in one sitting. Bravo! 
    We just finished another class today, and we’re on our way to getting a good group of EEM trained HERS rater partners on the streets for lenders to use. 
    Thanks again for spreading the word! If we can raise awareness, then we can create a large sustainable market for EE pros for years to come!  
    FYI- I’m going to copy and paste your post on the website.

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