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What’s the WERS?


Now’s your chance. The inaugural train-the-trainer session on the Water Efficiency Rating Score, WERS, is happening in Santa Fe, New Mexico in just three weeks. Mike Collignon from the Green Builder Coalition has been doing an amazing job getting this new program off the ground. Last year I wrote about the pilot they ran in Santa Fe. Now it’s going mainstream, and you can be a part of it.

But I have to apologize. If you want to get into this class, you’ll have to hurry. There’s room for only 12 to 15 people, and they’ve already got 10. (I’m one of the 10.) I should have told you sooner. Here’s the link to a short description:


The person you’ll need to talk to is my friend Amanda Hatherly.

I suggest you call instead of email because she’s got the best Kiwi accent you’ll ever hear. (Sorry, Jemaine Clement. You do have the best business socks, though.) She’s also a big part of the fantastic training and education offered at Santa Fe Community College and their EnergySmart Academy.

Also, at the end of that week I’ll be teaching a workshop in Albuquerque for the Home Builders Association of Central New Mexico. The topic will be mechanical systems: understanding load calculation reports, how to get ducts inside the building enclosure, and more. I don’t think they’ve posted it online yet, so if you’re interested, just contact me at It’s going to be from 9 am to 3 pm on Friday, 11 March.


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  1. Thank you for the kind words,
    Thank you for the kind words, sir. I really am honored.

    But the truth of the matter is that without the hard work of the entire development group, this program would not be at the point it’s at today. Over the past 2+ years, they have been diligently considering and analyzing so many different facets of this enormous topic. It continues to be a privilege to work with them.

    I’ll see you in less than 3 weeks in Santa Fe!

  2. Glad to hear that we’re
    Glad to hear that we’re finally giving water efficiency the attention it deserves. CA’s summer water crisis, and the PNW’s forest fires are stark reminders of what a dire situation we’re in. Is the WERS spreadsheet available as a free resource? I’d love to get a copy if so…

    1. Ryan:

      Thank you for your interest in the WERS program.

      The spreadsheet is the verifier tool. That will be made available to WERS verifiers who pass the WERS training course and conduct two mentored verifications.

      We are working on a design tool that will be geared towards builders, architects, designers, WaterSense-affiliated professionals, curious homeowners, etc. It will be available on a subscription basis after a free trial period.

      We’re also presenting at a number of conferences between now and the end of June, where we’ll be showing off the tool. I can also let you know the next time we conduct a walk-through webinar.

      If you have questions, you can certainly contact me (my e-mail address should be available through this platform, since I provided it). Also, I’m pretty sure David Heslam is familiar with the WERS program, as he either attended our EEBA session in Denver or one of our previous webinars.

      1. Thanks so much Mike. Please
        Thanks so much Mike. Please keep me in mind for future trainings, webinars, etc. I’ve been promoting a similar concept here in the PNW that seems to fall on deaf ears due to the amount of rainfall we normally get. That said, many Portland area homeowners have higher water bills than their energy bills so you’d think there would be an interest…

  3. Thanks Mike,
    Thanks Mike,

    I truly appreciate you keeping me (us) in the loop. However, it’s unlikely I could attend a training event outside of the Pacific Northwest. Let me know if one of these ever comes my way!

    Thanks again,

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